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A fully redesigned and upgraded cost and management tool.

Is your production really making a profit ? Cost View 2.0 is a fully integrated production management tool whic h extracts information about jobs directly from the RIP spooler, thus enabling a production manager to control, modify, study and export all costs pertaining to a job.   All the necessary tools for an optimized and fully controlled production are at hand, ready to use through an ergonomic Graphic User Interface.


CostView 2.0 is positioned to be the ultimate dashboard for a manager sensitive to production costs. With this module you can calculate all costs pertaining to a job : printing costs, finishing, shipping, machine amortization or other overhead costs. At the end of the day you can export your job listing with all relevant costs as a spreadsheet ready for further analysis.

Any production manager can :
1. View all jobs in the spooler
2. Monitor ink and media costs
3. Add optional or automatic costs to each job
4. Update client information (To contact him for ex.)

 Its webdriven interface can be accessed by any user in your company network using a simple web browser. The added value of CostView 2. 0 is being able to fully monitor production costs in order to improve your business profitability.

CostView 2.0 is now available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

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