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This is what our costumers say about large format UV printers

SwissQprint vs competition 4-0

"When all the other UV printers fall short, SwissQprint Oryx comes into play", sais Production Manager Markku Nevalainen from Opastemestarit Oy.

Opastemestarit Oy is a Helsinki based sign manufacturer since 1986. The company originally concentrated on traditional sign making technologies, but since 2010 they have also used digital printing as part of their production.

When the initial decision of new production was made it took six months to evaluate potential technologies and brands.

First choice to be made was between flatbed and through-feeding technologies. Due the complexity of jobs in sign making it soon became obvious that the versatility of flatbed technology made it the winner in this comparison.

Choosing the brand was then much easier. The company needed top quality, good production speed, good inks and reasonable production costs. SwissQprint took this game 4-0 against the competition.

”SwissQprint gave us what we needed in all these aspects, but the main thing was that we didn’t want to have a  me-too product, but wanted to be able to do special jobs that no one else can do and that is what we got" sais Markku.

We have an old wisdom in Finnish language ”Köyhän ei kannata ostaa halpaa”.

Rough translation of this would be that ”Only rich companies can buy cheap solutions, if you need to be sure that you succeed, you need to buy best".

”We have been extremely happy with our Oryx UV printer, and since we run it with full capacity and needed more production power, it was very easy decision to order the new Nyala UV printer from SwissQprint to expand our business further.”

 Opastemestarit Oy

2 UV printers from swissQprint!

Production manager Michal Witkowski from Andrus, Poland quotes:

"When we first decided to buy an Oryx printer from NIZE equipment, we were very pleased with what we got.

The Oryx printer lives fully up to our expectations. We are especially pleased with the specific features which white and varnish gives us. Printing with white and varnish makes a print look perfect and emphasise special elements at the product.

We have had the printer since February 2010 and we have not yet had any problems with the production of print that couldn’t be solved by ourselves. That is of course very important to us.

In our business every hour of production counts.

It is also very important to us when we have a specific question regarding the printer or rip that we have a quick answer to our problem, and that is the case with both SwissQprint and NIZE equipment. They provide us with the answers or service we need so that we can keep our production going at all times.  

We have by November 2011 purchased an Impala printer also. This we have done to be able to print faster roll-to-roll and still in the highest quality on the market. This is what we get with an Impala printer from NIZE equipment.  

By having both Oryx and Impala printers in our company we can supply our costumers with a wide range of products and being able to produce different medias at the same time".  
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