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Det siger kunderne om NIZE equipments storformatprintere:

Tilfredshed førte til køb af UV printer nr. 2 fra NIZE equipment

Produktionschef Michal Witkowski fra virksomheden Andrus i Polen udtaler:

"When we first decided to buy an Oryx printer from NIZE equipment, we were very pleased with what we got.

The Oryx printer lives fully up to our expectations. We are especially pleased with the specific features which white and varnish gives us. Printing with white and varnish makes a print look perfect and emphasise special elements at the product.

We have had the printer since February 2010 and we have not yet had any problems with the production of print that couldn’t be solved by ourselves. That is of course very important to us.

In our business every hour of production counts.

It is also very important to us when we have a specific question regarding the printer or rip that we have a quick answer to our problem, and that is the case with both SwissQprint and NIZE equipment. They provide us with the answers or service we need so that we can keep our production going at all times.  

We have by November 2011 purchased an Impala printer also. This we have done to be able to print faster roll-to-roll and still in the highest quality on the market. This is what we get with an Impala printer from NIZE equipment.  

By having both Oryx and Impala printers in our company we can supply our costumers with a wide range of products and being able to produce different medias at the same time".     

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PAP Emballage & Display er ovenud tilfredse med den service de oplevede, da de investerede i en Oryx flatbed digital printer.
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