With this model you are guaranteed an excellent performance: an almost polished finish at extremely high speeds. The A500 has an automatic tool changer as standard and the option of two spindle motors according to how much power is needed.


1.50 x 2.50

2.00 x 3.00

2.00 x 4.20

2.00 x 6.00


High precision linear guides on all axes

3D computerized CNC Routing System

A500 closed loop servo control system under Microsoft Windows Pro

Z stroke 150 mm / Z clearance 130 mm

Maximum speed 25 m / min

Spindle-controlled Z axis

Dust collector system

Maintenance-free cooling with air

Automatic tool changer

Camera system for reading cut marks

Flatbed vacuum system

Cooling with water

Spindle motor: 2.1 kW 50,000 rpm Automatic tool change

Phenolic vacuum table (regenerative blower, dust collector)

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