The attraction for the bigger, better and faster is always there. With the UV-84DTS, the market for large format printers now has the ideal opportunity to do more. It's really simple. You can develop more applications, produce more products and generate more profits with this 120 cm x 243 cm UV LED printer - the largest from DCS.



Print size



Adjustable print height up to


Unique 3-dimensional print

Two individual, air-controlled UV LED lamps and 10 color channels (C, M, Y, K, CI, CI, Wh, Wh, Wh, Wh) are combined to improve print speed.

TEXTURE3D TM 3-dimensional print for unique prints

Prints on wood, metal, ceramics, plastics, glass, industrial parts, promotional products

Leading position accuracy of Y-axis and repeatability

Precision Dot ControlTM

White ink circulation system


EasyCyl 7200 - Cylindrical print

Patented ADA - Compliant / Braille signage print

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