9 picoliters droplet size

9 picoliter droplet size is the prerequisite for really fine print. It allowsultra-demanding photo print with fine color graduations. Complex topics that requires uniform expanses of color and reproduction of fine details is beautiful reproduced with razor sharptypography even in the smallest font sizes.

Offset is no longer essential for refined photo printing. A similar level of quality is quite easily achieved with swissQprint large format printers. Simply rip the print file as a “fine art graphic” and send it to Amber, the printer's output software. The printer will automatically switch to 9 picolitre droplet size and results with a visual print resolution of up to 2160 dpi.

Of course, the same print file could also be printed with the usual 14 picolitre droplet size. Choosing this standard droplet size still provides an optimal balance between quality and efficiency. The prepress process is identical in both cases, the operator only needs to choose which prints he / she needs.

A smaller drop combined with high resolution significantly increases the color scale.

This gives the smoothest gradients and most uniform surfaces of color.

And another thing: A calibrated swissQprint machine complies with Fogra PSD (Process Standard Digital) at both 14 and 9 picolitre droplet sizes. This means high print quality with consistent reproducibility - exactly what is needed to turn demanding end customers into loyal regular customers.