Karibu 2

Versatile and uncompromising roll to roll printer

At swissQprint, quality is a keyword, and all their large format printers are equipped with unique technologies and functions. Their roll-to-roll model Karibu is no exception.

Karibu has always been efficient, reliable and versatile like no other roll-to-roll printer. Karibu 2 operates with the latest printhead technology, which provides unrivalled quality – with a resolution of up to 1350 dpi – as well as high productivity and reliability. At the same time, Karibu 2 is a sustainable choice with an ISO-certified energy-efficient LED system. 



Max. print width



Max. roll weight


m2 / h

Max. productivity


Color channels


Print heads


+ 5 extra colors

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Streamlined printing process

swissQprint's Karibu 2 model is the obvious choice for companies that want a roll-to-roll printer with top-notch efficiency. Karibu has a print speed of up to 212 m2/h, equivalent to printing a tennis court area in just one hour.

Karibu 2 has a print area of up to 3400mm in width, allowing you to split the width and print on two rolls simultaneously.

The printer can also be configured for automatic double-sided printing. A camera in the printer reads QR codes, which are automatically printed next to the print. The codes tell the printer exactly where to print when printing on the back. It adjusts itself so that the print is placed precisely. Karibu handles this manual and time-consuming task and frees up capacity in production.

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Karibu 2 minimizes faulty manufacture

One of the secrets behind swissQprint's great success is that their printers take errors into account to a great extent. Among other things, Karibu 2 is equipped with vacuum channels, which hold the material firmly during printing, thus ensuring a flawless result. 

In addition, the printer is equipped with sensors that make it stop immediately if something gets in the way of the printheads, for example, if a material is too thick or if something gets in the way. However, it is not a disaster should the printer come to a standstill. Karibu resumes production from precisely the same place when it is restarted.

Finally, Karibu 2 is equipped with a cutting channel for the precise cutting of the material and a lightbox just behind the print area so that the finished print can be examined thoroughly while the printer is running. 

Two satisfied customers explain why they think Karibu is the right choice for them

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Are you considering investing in a Karibu printer for your business, but do you doubt whether this printer is the right choice? Then contact NIZE equipment. We have many years of experience with swissQprint printers and will help and guide you. If you are interested in our products, you are always welcome to our spectacular showroom, where you can try out Karibu and see our many print samples. We understand that purchasing a new large-format printer in this class is a significant investment. Therefore we are ready with professional advice and competent answers to your questions based on our many years of know-how.  

At NIZE equipment, we work every day to give our customers the best conditions for success. 

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