Nyala 4

High speed and high quality

Nyala 4 is the European champion among flatbed printers. With a print area of 3.2 m x 2 m and a top speed of 206 m2 / h, Nyala 4 gives you the best opportunities to be competitive on both price and productivity.


Color channels



Print width


m2 / h

Max. productivity


Print heads


+ 5 extra colors



Max. resolution

Unique features on generation 4

swissQprint large format printers are known for their print quality. With generation 4, the Swiss manufacturer has further improved the quality with a new print head technology delivering a resolution of up to 1350 dpi. This is thanks to the latest print head technology with a precise droplet placement and reduced droplet size of 7 picoliters.

Tip Switch Vacuum

The patented system with 256 vacuum segments can be switched on and off independently of each other with a single movement. When you turn off the vacuum zones around your print, it is no longer necessary to cover false vacuum.

Print on several types of material

The low heat output with LED curing, allows you to print on several material types. You can, for example, print on thin plastic items, cardboard packaging and wood without the material settling.

Tailored to any need

Nyala 4 is prepared for all options and upgrades. For example, the unique registration system for optimal utilization of the area of the printing table. Tandem function for non-stop printing. Depending on needs, there are different accessories: Roll to roll option for easy production of flexible materials, Board Option which makes it easy to produce up to 3.2 m x 4 m and 9 color channels which can be equipped with CMYK, white, spot colors, partiel varnish and luminous neon colors. Everything tailored to your needs.

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