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Oryx UV printer sammenlignes med Iphone

Ejer af Mediagården i Sverige Dov Gatmon udtaler:

"After looking at all available large format printers on the European market for over a year, the choice was clear - Oryx by Swissqprint. 

The great thing about Swissqprint is that instead of building different machines with "fixed" features for different needs (i e super high resolution, white ink, 6 colors, varnish, etc.) they created the Oryx. The Oryx is like the iPhone of large format printers! It is more than just great engineering, it is a platform that enables us to have everything we want and yet use only the features we need for each individual print job. 

The new High speed feature that doubles production speed is a perfect proof of that. We of course want that new feature - So... We don't have to buy a new printer - we just add the new application to our existing machine. Just like I add new applications to my iPhone...

But the real amazing thing - It has now been 6 month since we installed it and we have not had even one production problem!"

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