Cosign CNC Solutions

Since 1991, the Dutch Cosign CNC Solutions has specialized in developing and manufacturing high-quality cutters with focus on precision and minimalistic design. At NIZE equipment, we are currently selling three different milling models from Cosign CNC Solutions, each of which can be custom-made according to the needs of the production. 

We have primarily chosen to sell cutters from Cosign CNC Solutions, because with these cutters we can offer our customers systems with long durability and the highest quality. 

This model is for the demanding company that wants to get started with a CNC milling system.

This model is for the demanding company that wants to get started with a CNC milling system.

With this model you are guaranteed an excellent performance

Efficient cutters for every need

Cosign CNC develops milling systems for companies with a great need for professional efficiency and precision. If you first get to know the software, you will easily and quickly be able to cut a wide range of materials into the desired shape and size. For example, you can work with PVC foam, plastic, cardboard, leather and much more.   

When the material is placed on the cutter, it will be held in place by a smart flatbed vacuum system. The cutter's camera system then reads the various cutting marks, and in a few moments the operator will be able to remove the finished material from the cutter's table. 

Have your cutter custom-made

At Cosign CNC, they understand the importance of their milling systems being able to adapt to the individual business. Therefore, they offer at their factory in the Netherlands to custom-make cutters, which are subsequently transported directly to the companies. 

At NIZE equipment, we recommend that you and your company visit our showroom, where you can see and hear more about the different cutter models. After a thorough review of the individual products, there will be plenty of opportunity to test the cutters in order to better determine whether the individual cutters system can live up to your needs. Here, our experienced team will also be able to tell you more about the possibility of additional functions and custom manufacturing. 

Cosign CNC - only the imagination sets limits

With a milling system from Cosign CNC, there are almost no limits to what your company can produce. In addition to cutting linear sections with high precision, the cutter will also easily cut logos, letters, shapes and microscopic holes. At NIZE equipment, we make sure to familiarize you well with the use of the cutter's software, so that no tasks become too difficult. 

Hear more about Cosign CNC

contact NIZE equipment

Do you want to hear more about Cosign CNC, or do you have questions about one of the different Cosign CNC cutters in our range? So contact NIZE equipment today. We specialize in the use of these milling systems and are always ready with advice and guidance. Visit us in our showroom south of Aarhus, and find out much more about the possibilities with a milling system from Cosign CNC. 

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