XpertJet 461UF

Although the Mutohs XpertJet 461UF - A3 + is one of the smallest printers in our range, do not be fooled by its compact size. XpertJet 461UF is a high quality printer that, like Mutoh's other models, can print incredibly detailed and colorful designs on several different materials. Mutoh's XpertJet 461UF can print on everything from flyers and posters to 3D objects such as phone covers, leather books, bricks or lighters. In addition, the XpertJet 461UF printer has the advantage that it does not take up much space and can fit into most productions. Muthos XpertJet 461UF is a printer for those companies that do not want to compromise on quality, but who also want to avoid spending many square meters to meet their printer needs.



Print on white, dark and clear items / objects up to 150 mm



Dual Ink Type: Hard or Flexible Ink - 6 Colors: CMYK + Wh + Va

Choose between CMYK
or CMYK + White + Varnish

This Mutoh printer has a print area of up to 483mm x 329mm and allows printing up to sizes in A3 + format. At the same time, with an XpertJet 461UF it is possible to choose between two setups, the first of which is a regular 4-color CMYK. With these four colors, the innovative printer is able to print colorful prints and images in an impressively high quality. 

Another option is to install CMYK + White + Varnish. This setting opens up many more printing options. The white ink color makes it possible to print on dark and transparent materials, and the varnish can be used as spot varnish, or to produce Braille, create effects or produce tactile structures. 

UV LED print is a durable and climate-friendly solution

XpertJet 461UF - A3 + is a UV LED printer, which means that the finished products become UV-resistant and durable. When Mutoh has chosen LED lights for their printers, it is partly due to the fact that this technology is extra long-lasting. LED lamps have an average lifespan of 10,000 hours and at the same time do not require either heating or cooling time. In addition, the LED lamp consists of relatively few parts and will therefore rarely need repair. All in all, costly production time can be saved by choosing a printer with UV LED light. UV LED printers are also a green and energy-friendly solution compared to printers that use an ordinary mercury bulb. The LED bulb uses less energy and is at the same time free of environmentally harmful mercury, which can often be problematic to dispose of as waste after the life of the lamp. 

Mutho's patented Intelligent Interweaving is world-class innovation

According to us, Japanese Mutoh is one of the most innovative and uncompromising printer manufacturers on the market. The success of the company is largely due to the fact that Mutoh not only mimics what others do, but also develops new techniques to optimize their printers. One of these techniques is their patented Intelligent Interweaving solution, which is also found in the XpertJet 461UF printer.

Intelligent Interweaving does away with the most commonly used method on flatbed printers, which consists of the ink being laid linearly on a material. With Intelligent Interweaving, the ink is applied to the material in waves, and this allows Mutho's printers to print in incredible detail, because the print pattern is seamlessly intertwined. Depending on the application and the medium, the risk of the finished print acquiring unfortunate streaks or missing nozzles is also greatly reduced. In addition, Intelligent Interweaving is ink-saving, and if you invest in an XpertJet 461UF printer from Mutoh, you get a printer that provides a razor-sharp and uniform cavity output every time you print.  

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