NIZE equipment sells and services printers, cutters and software throughout the Nordic region. At NIZE equipment, our customers are always in focus. Through close customer contact and open dialogue, our team of experienced experts works every day to identify which products are best suited to the individual company.

At NIZE equipment, we are happy to go all the way to find the right solutions for our customers. Our large showroom forms the framework for many hours of review and testing of the various printers and cutters in our range.

We exclusively sell carefully selected high-quality products and are also the Nordic exclusive distributor of several of our brands. We have a large selection of products for different needs and in different price ranges.

At NIZE equipment, we have many years of experience with printers, cutters and software - and we always put the customer first.  

The story behind
NIZE equipment


NIZE equipment started in Odder in December 2008 and was then a one-man company consisting only of our CEO Lars Nikolajsen. Lars had good contacts with, among others, swissQprint and knew of the importance of the graphic companies being able to count on a reliable supplier of equipment and software as well as subsequent servicing.

In 2008, Lars sold the first UV printer in Denmark, and with this, NIZE equipment became a reality. Since then, NIZE equipment has grown into a medium-sized company spread across the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Visit NIZE equipment in Odder - south of Aarhus

In 2020, NIZE equipment built a new, beautiful domicile in Odder, Denmark, where we have set up a huge showroom with the function of a trade fair stand.

Here we exhibit our products and offer our customers a complete experience, which starts already at the first dialogue. Customers can visit us here and be inspired by our many unique printing samples and techniques, just as we always like to spar with customers about special printing solutions or ideas.

We cover the entire Nordic region

NIZE equipment focuses on being able to offer exclusive graphic equipment, and we are therefore the Nordic region's only retailer of all our SwissQprint products - and several of the other products in our range. We strive to be experts in our selected brands, so our customers know that they are in safe hands at NIZE equipment. 

Since the company's inception, the primary philosophy of NIZE equipment has been good customer service. At NIZE equipment, we make sure that our customers feel heard and well-informed throughout the purchase process as well as later, when they have invested in one or more of our products.

At NIZE equipment, we work every day to give our customers the best conditions for success. 

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