Head office Denmark

Jernaldervej 33
8300 Odder, Denmark

Sales Denmark & Southern Sweden
Sales Northern Sweden, Finland & the Baltics
Sales Norway

Sales & Marketing

Per Kyndbøl

Area Sales Manager DK & SE South

Lars Bomgren

Area Sales Manager SE North, FI & Baltic

Petter Langkaas

Area Sales Manager NO

Maja Busk Rasmussen

Customer Success Manager
Internal sales & E-commerce

Flemming Grunnet Pedersen

Graphic & Creative Specialist
Visual & Digital appearance


Mette Meyer Thuesen

Service Manager & IT Manager

Martin Viffeldt

Service Coordinator

Mads Falk Mikkelsen

Service Technician

Carl Fagerström

Service Technician

Markku Koivulahti

Service Technician

Demo & Application

Lars Nielsen

Demo & Application Specialist


Katrine Lykke Nielsen

Administration Manager

Nina Jarlstad

Accounting & Trainee Coordinator

Molly Molgaard

Accounting Assistant

Alexander Balle Trane

Warehouse Assistant


Technical Support

Opening hours
Monday-Friday 8.00 to 17.00

Here we can help you with TeamViewer. This can be used for technical problems, which relate to e.g. Amber or Caldera. You need to call us so we can start an on-line support session.

Note: If you are using a Mac, it is IMPORTANT
that you open the support button in the browser Safari.

The warehouse is closed for shipments on Monday December 18th

Our warehouse is closed for shipments on Monday December 18th due to stocktaking.

This means that all orders placed after Friday 15th, 14PM will be dispatched from our warehouse on Tuesday 19th.

We apologize for the inconvenience.